Machine Tool Accessories

Should your application call for swarf or coolant management, material handling in metalworking, recycling, solid waste processing or other applications, please give us a call. We will respond to your request promptly.





IA, NE, MN, SD, ND, KS, and MO

At Lyndex-Nikken, we have made it our mission to provide the two most important points to keep you ahead of the competition: advanced technology and the innovation to keep it moving forward. In addition to manufacturing the best machine tool accessories available on the market, our team of highly experienced technicians and product specialists offers unmatched customer service and engineering support to our customers worldwide.

All of our products are made in Japan and Germany, ensuring an extremely high level of quality and long-term resistance.

As an international company with offices conveniently located throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States, Lyndex-Nikken is there to serve you, no matter where you are.




IA, Northern IL (metal-cutting machinery products), KS, U.P. of MI, MN, MO, ND, SD, WIMayfran Logo-higher res

We are a global leader in providing engineered solutions for scrap and coolant management and material handling in metalworking, recycling, solid waste processing, and other applications. Mayfran’s products convey, filter, separate, shred, briquette and process materials and fluids for the automotive, aerospace, consumer products, oil and gas, steel processing, solid waste, pulp and paper, medical products, heavy equipment and related industries. Mayfran’s engineered solutions promote sustainable manufacturing processes, reducing costs while improving overall profitability and competitiveness. There are significant benefits to working with Mayfran on your chip, coolant, and scrap management projects. Mayfran, established in 1933, is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and has operations around the world.

Since September 2012, Mayfran worldwide is part of the Japanese company, Tsubakimoto Chain Group, Osaka, Japan.





Established in 1984 as a wholly owned subsidiary of NSK Nakanishi, Inc., NSK America Corporation serves as the North American Headquarters in Nakanishi’s global network.

NSK America Corp. provides application support, sales and repair service for all of our high-speed motors, spindles and micro-grinders for the North, Central and South American markets.

Machine tool spindles and hand tools by NSK America are engineered to meet the industry’s demand for speed and precision. NSK offers the latest technology in high-speed milling and drilling spindles, high-speed precision hand tools and more. Our applications engineering department can assist you with select the correct solution for your application.