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The Whittemore Co. represents a variety of metal-cutting tool manufacturers of standard and high-performance solid carbide & HSS endmills, grooving and threading tools, thread milling tools, small diameter boring and grooving tools, coolant fed drills, taps, holders and coolant inducers, as well as special solid carbide round tooling.


CFT Systems A George Whalley Company

cftIA, IL, IN, U.P. of MI, MN, ND, SD, WI

It’s possible that when you hear “The George Whalley Company,” you think of industrial supplies. There’s a good reason for that, considering George and Victor Whalley founded the company in 1937 as an industrial distributorship. What you may or may not know is that we introduced our Coolant-Fed Tooling & Systems Division in 1967 and have since become an industry leader in everything coolant-fed. We design, engineer, and produce a wide range of products, including:

  • Drills, reamers and cutters, end mills, taps, and spade drill inserts
  • Standard, modular rotary induced and automatic tool change holders
  • Manual rotary inducers and collars
  • Collets
  • High-pressure coolant pumps
  • Sealing devices and accessories
  • Retention knobs

Tool-Flo Manufacturing, Inc.

IA, IL, U.P. of MI, MN, ND, NE, SD, WITF-LOGO-300x40

Tool-Flo Manufacturing, Inc., located in Houston, Texas, USA, began operation in January 1978 and has grown into a 175 person company specializing in the design and manufacture of indexable & solid carbide threading, grooving, and special cutting tools. Tool-Flo serves metal-cutting carbide tool markets throughout the world, selling through select industrial distributors. Tool-Flo is a member of the IMC Group. In 2018, the company moved into a brand new 88,000 sq. ft. facility comprised of manufacturing, office and warehouse space.

Tool-Flo’s Corporate mission calls for us to achieve and maintain leadership by designing and manufacturing standard and special inserted cutting tools that bring our customers an unparalleled level of satisfaction. Tool-Flo’s ongoing commitment in pursuit of that goal is to produce “ultimate quality” insert cutting tools that exceed customer’s expectations through meticulous manufacturing and innovative use of the latest state of the art CNC machine tools.

Today, Tool-Flo manufacturers and markets a wide variety of tooling solutions for the metalworking market. These solutions include:

  • Ball nose end mills
  • Deep grooving
  • Face grooving tools
  • Flo-Lock & Chip-Flo grooving & threading inserts
  • Laydown grooving & threading inserts
  • Small diameter boring tools
  • Thread milling tools
  • Turning tooling
  • Tool-Flo manufacturers the most COMPLETE line of API (American Petroleum Institute) inserts and holders in the industry.
  • Also, many different types of special inserts and soft tooling can be designed for your specific application.

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